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Wyoming is a popular corporate haven due to its lack of taxes and endemic privacy concerns. These factors drive many new incorporations. Wyoming also has the added benefit of allowing you to hold your shares in a Wyoming LLC or a Wyoming Trust for additional asset protection. This combination of benefits makes our corporations the nation’s most desirable.

Most clients debate between setting up their business in Wyoming, Delaware, or Nevada. So why incorporate in Wyoming instead of other states?

Nevada corporations are very similar to ours, but they face significantly higher fees and are subject to taxes in certain situations. Wyoming corporations generally cost $99 per year to maintain (which includes the secretary of state’s annual report fee and our Wyoming registered agent fee) and have no state taxes.

Delaware is preferable for large corporations looking for an eventual IPO, but smaller businesses will often find their fees and administrative hurdles to be unnecessary, burdensome, and overly expensive. This is especially true when compared to a Wyoming close corporation, which has reduced reporting and other bureaucratic requirements. These benefits drive new companies to Wyoming every day.

What’s The Process & Price?

Simply complete our order form, pay $49 and we will switch you to our Wyoming registered agent service. We handle the Secretary of State filings and will update your business address as well. You will receive a client portal for your documents and filings, and we mail the change of agent form the same day. The process takes approximately one week. We want you to focus on what’s important… running your business.

  • Online portal for files and messaging.

  • Free Mail Scanning (5 Pieces Per Year)

  • Privacy

  • Peace of mind.

We are happy to be your business partner should you come to require more than a registered agent in Wyoming. We can assist with properly establishing a holding company to shield assets and minimize taxes. We are at heart an estate planning law firm, so asset protection trusts and inter-generational wealth transfers are no problem, either.

Wyoming Corporate Services

Beyond being a registered agent, we are proud to provide a full suite of corporate services for our clients. Starting, running and maintaining your Wyoming business should be easy and affordable. With our services it is!

Form A Wyoming LLC

Wyoming Limited Liability Companies are popular throughout the world. Most of our clients are from outside the state and many are foreign. Regardless of your reasons for doing business in Wyoming we are happy to help. Wyoming LLC benefits include privacy, no state taxes and low annual fees. You can use our LLC formation service, or register the business yourself.

Wyoming Corporations

Wyoming Corporations is a formidable alternative to Nevada and Delaware’s Corporation. We offer no state taxes, anonymity and low filing fees. Unless you are looking to take your company public (in which case we can help), Wyoming’s mix of benefits likely stands to benefit you.

Wyoming Virtual Office

Our virtual office services provide a unique business address, commercial lease agreement, phone service and mail forwarding. This suite of services is designed for those looking to establish a nexus in Wyoming or to avoid the hassles of a traditional office space. Why hand out your home address and receive mail at home, when you can use our virtual office instead?

Wyoming Registered Agent Service

Every client receives five pieces of free mail handling. We scan by default and can forward the mail if needed. Most clients receive very little mail. Usually just checks and a debit card for their business bank account. International mail forwarding is not treated any differently than domestic mail. Note, Wyoming Series LLC only require a single agent for the parent or holding company. This can significantly reduce prices over the long term.

Wyoming LLC Registered Agent

We can act as the agent for any entity in Wyoming. Whether you have a statutory business trust, corporation or limited liability company, we can be your registered agent in Wyoming for the same affordable price. Empowering our clients is our mantra. Whether you want us to handle your next LLC formation, or prefer to register a business yourself. We maintain an office Sheridan, WY and can meet clients in person if desired. Note, filing a DBA does not double your resident agent fees. You will only be responsible for the primary company. Want to know more about Wyoming LLCs or Series LLCs in Wyoming? Then please click the respective links.


Wyoming Corporation

$149 Total

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