Why Incorporate in Wyoming?

Wyoming is a popular corporate haven due to its lack of taxes and endemic privacy concerns. These factors drive many new incorporations. Wyoming also has the added benefit of allowing you to hold your shares in a Wyoming LLC or a Wyoming Trust for additional asset protection. This combination of benefits makes our corporations the nation’s most desirable.

Most clients debate between setting up their business in Wyoming, Delaware, or Nevada. So why incorporate in Wyoming instead of other states?

Nevada corporations are very similar to ours, but they face significantly higher fees and are subject to taxes in certain situations. Wyoming corporations generally cost $99 per year to maintain (which includes the secretary of state’s annual report fee and our Wyoming registered agent fee) and have no state taxes.

Delaware is preferable for large corporations looking for an eventual IPO, but smaller businesses will often find their fees and administrative hurdles to be unnecessary, burdensome, and overly expensive. This is especially true when compared to a Wyoming close corporation, which has reduced reporting and other bureaucratic requirements. These benefits drive new companies to Wyoming every day.

What’s the Process to Incorporate in Wyoming?

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Wyoming Corporation Benefits

Simplicity: The entire Wyoming incorporation process is taken care of online. We only need five minutes of your time, and we handle the rest within one day.

Privacy: You receive anonymity the first year and can use our nominee service for subsequent years.

Liability: We offer nation-leading charging order protection. This combined with the privacy of a Wyoming corporation gives you safety from creditors.

No Taxes: WY does not tax personal or corporate income. This means you are free from state income taxes.

How Much Does it Cost to Incorporate?

It costs $199 to incorporate your business in Wyoming for the first year. Subsequent years will require a $52 annual report and our $49 Wyoming registered agent service.

Every $199 corporation includes:

State Filing Fee

Anonymous Filing

24-hour turnaround

Attorney-client privilege

Registered agent for the first year

Business address


Share subscription agreement

Bank account resolution

Organizational minutes

Certificate of incorporation


Wyoming Corporation

$149 Total

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