The Solo 401k LLC has two separate, but related, parts. They are the ability for an entrepreneur to establish their own retirement fund, and the ability for anybody with a retirement fund to invest in an LLC. Qualified retirement plans (401k, IRA, TSP, etc.) are commonly associated with employers and traditional brokerage investments. That is, your employer contributes, except in the case of an IRA, and you invest in stocks and bonds. This conception merely scratches the surfaces of what is possible.

Setting up a 401k for your own benefit is surprisingly easy. All you need is a company, even a brand new one we have just formed for you. The benefits of such an arrangement are:

  1. Higher contribution limits of $54,000+

  2. Contributions are tax-deductible

  3. Earnings compound tax-deferred

  4. The ability to invest in an LLC

Existing retirement accounts can also be rolled into the 401k we set up for you. Once the 401k is funded, you will invest the 401k in a Wyoming LLC. This turns your retirement fund into an investment vehicle with advantages such as:

  1. Significantly lower taxes

  2. Freedom to invest as you see fit

  3. Better asset protection than a traditional LLC

  4. No need for a custodian or a trustee’s permission – and thus no fees

Two reasons for pursuing this arrangement are wider latitude investing and the ability to bypass a custodian. The process is simpler than you would think. Most clients can begin investing in fewer than two weeks. Here are just a few of the ways you may invest your Solo / Self-Directed 401k LLC:

  1. Real estate and rental properties

  2. Loan money to yourself or other businesses

  3. Invest in precious metals

  4. Tax liens

  5. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc.

Need more flexibility than a traditional retiremment account can provide? Then you may want to consider establishing a Wyoming asset protection trust.



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