Revocable Living Trust

Corporate Connecting Point can help you gain peace of mind with a Revocable Living Trust 

Revocable Living Trust is like a rule book for how your assets or to be handled when you die once your assets belong to the trust they do not have to go through probate process upon your death. As long as you’re a

Competent adult, you can establish a revocable living trust.

Revocable Living Trust Included a

Custom leather zipper binder with a brass plate imprinted with the name you choose for your Revocable Living Trust.

11 customized Tabs

A checklist for Revocable Living Trust with Funding Instructions

At this point you no longer own those assets; they belong to the trust. However as this is a Revocable Living Trust, you retain control of the assets, even though they no longer belong to you why you’re alive.

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