Corporate Documentation

The word compliance is often used when describing corporate documents. In this audio we will lay out exactly how they apply to Corporations and LLCs.
Customize your Articles of Incorporation or Organization. The formation/birth certificate of your company are known as The Articles of Incorporation.
Corporate Connecting Point will customize your operating agreement or bylaws. These are the rules of the company.
The first meetings of a Corporation or LLC is the key to documenting ownership. The first meeting and minutes are to elect Shareholders, Board of Directors, Officers, or Members. 

Resolution are the actions of your company. It is important to document any action or election by officers or members, including issuing certificates and entering ownership into your stock ledger. Then place the Corporate Seal which is known as the “Company Signature.” Think of a corporation as an artificial person you implement the actions on behalf of the Corporation. It is key to have documentation for any litigation taken against you or an audit by the IRS. Learn how to keep your company in compliant.

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