Corporate Record Book



Introducing the Custom Corporate Record Book by Corporate Connecting Point – the ultimate solution for your LLC, Corporation, or Nonprofit. Starting a business is an exciting endeavor, but it’s crucial to establish a solid foundation with proper legal documentation. Our Custom Corporate Record Book is designed to meet all compliance requirements and help you maintain accurate records of your organization’s activities. Priced at just $27 for shipping within the USA, this comprehensive package includes everything you need to keep your corporate records organized and secure.

Featuring an elegant attache briefcase with a stylish identification plate on the outside, this Corporate Record Book exudes professionalism and sophistication. The identification plate can be customized with your corporate name, year of incorporation, and state of incorporation, adding a personalized touch to your record-keeping. Inside the briefcase, you’ll find a stock certificate and ledger, allowing you to easily manage your organization’s shares and ownership details. The Corporate Company Seal and tabs add a touch of authenticity and organization to your records. Additionally, the three-ring binder attached inside provides a convenient and efficient way to store and update your corporate documents. With our Custom Corporate Record Book, you can ensure your organization remains compliant and well-organized, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Corporate Record Book Includes:

  • Attache Briefcase
  • Style Identification Plate on outside of case
  • Corporate name
  • Year Incorporated
  • State Incorporated
  • Stock Certificate and Ledger
  • Corporate Company Seal + Tabs
  • Three-ring binder inside