Corporate Education Center | Paralegals and Legal Assistants
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Paralegals and Legal Assistants

Are you a paralegal looking to expand your business and generate more income? If so, let’s connect and education the business world together!

Corporate Record Book Services


  • Customized Articles of Incorporation / Organization
  • Customied Bylaws / Operating Agreement
  • Notice of Firts Meeting of Shareholders
  • Minutes of First Meeting of Shareholders
  • Notice of First Meeting of Directors
  • Minutes of First Meeting of Directors
  • Bank Resolutions
  • Cell Phone Resolutions
  • Vehicle Resolution
  • Blanked Authority to Amend Bylaws / Operating Agreement Resolution
  • Blanked Authority to Amend Articles Resolution
  • Borrowing Funds Resolution
  • Authorizing Authority to Conduct Business Resolution
  • Officers Authority to Make Purchases Resolution
  • Lending Personal Credit Resolution
  • Opening Company Credit Card Resolution
  • Setting Officers Salaries Resolution
  • Authority to Appoint Resident Agent Resolution
  • Acceptance of Resident Agent
  • Authorization to Issue Capital Stock Resolution
  • Authorization to Take S-Election Resolution
  • Corporate Retreat and Travel Resolution
  • Health and Medical Expense Resolution
  • Life Insurance Resolution
  • Blanket Promissory Note
  • Blanket Authority to Sell Corporate Property Resolution
  • All Corporate Record Book Services



Corporate Record Book

Corporate Record Book includes:

  • Attache Briefcase
  • Style Identification Plate on outside of case
  • Corporate name
  • Year Incorporated
  • State Incorporated
  • Stock Certificate and Ledger
  • Corporate Company Seal + Tabs
  • Three-ring binder attached inside.